Matisyahu- A Short Documentary by David Baugnon

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Matisyahu Synopsis: Matisyahu (Matthew in Hebrew) is a Hasidic Reggae/Beat Box/Rapper whose performances meld Jewish tradition with modern sounds, creating a new form of spiritual expression. This documentary follows Matisyahu as he performs in New York City and explains his conversion to Hasidism and his mission to ignite spirituality in others with his music. Directed by David Baugnon. Edited by Ed Holt. Additional Footage provided by Projectile Arts. Running time approximately 12 minutes.



Press for Matisyahu

4 minute (8 MB) Televised Interview of Matisyahu on CNN - WIN MEDIA or QUICKTIME June 29, 2004 Broadcast

National Public Radio Interview with Matisyhau, September 1st, 2005 Broadcast

Print Interview with David Baugnon and Matisyahu in the New York Daily News 10/24/04

Print Interview with David Baugnon in Where Y'at Magazine, October 2004 Issue

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